A strategic partnership created by Érudit and the Public Knowledge Project.

Tech Development


Tech Development

Coalition Publi.ca’s development priorities:

  1. Publishing services and support for Canadian SSH journals

  2. Shared technological development for publishing software and platforms

  3. Research activities investigating the scholarly publishing ecosystem




XML Publishing Tools

Coalition Publi.ca relies on XML for many vital functions, including the transfer and display of journal metadata and content. XML is also the foundation of the CO.SHS research corpora, which include Coalition Publi.ca journals. Coalition Publi.ca is actively working on a number of projects to support XML production throughout the journal publication process, from article submission, through editing, to production and publication.

Coalition Publi.ca is developing a tool, called C-Joe, to transfer journal metadata and content in XML directly from OJS to erudit.org, and review it prior to publication.

  • OJS 2 metadata (not including bibliographies): Completed, winter 2017

  • OJS 3 metadata (not including bibliographies): Completed, January 2019

  • OJS 3 metadata (including bibliographies): Spring 2020

  • OJS 3 metadata and full text articles: Winter 2020

Coalition Publi.ca seeks to facilitate the conversion of journal metadata and content to JATS XML, the industry standard for scholarly publishing. Coalition Publi.ca is evaluating the use of Grobid for this purpose, working directly with its developers and eLife to further develop and improve Grobid, with the ultimate goal of integrating it into OJS and C-Joe to reduce the time and cost associated with full-text XML production for Coalition Publi.ca journals.

  • Preliminary evaluation: Completed, fall 2018

  • Preliminary retraining on Coalition Publi.ca data sets: Completed, fall 2018

  • Code improvements to support XML production for bibliographies and full-text: 2019

  • Service workflow review and testing: Fall 2019

  • Production deployment: Winter 2020 (tentative)

Grobid code repository: https://github.com/kermitt2/grobid

As part of the Substance Consortium, PKP and Érudit are supporting the development of Texture, an open-source what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) JATS XML editor. Texture will be integrated into OJS and C-Joe to facilitate Coalition Publi.ca’s post-conversion quality assurance processes, as well as enabling the creation of JATS XML content from scratch.

  • Texture beta integration in OJS 3: Completed, 2018

  • Texture 1.0 release: Completed, fall 2018

  • Texture integration in OJS 3 (basic features): Completed, winter 2019

  • Texture integration in OJS 3 (additional features): In progress, 2019

  • Texture integration in C-Joe: Fall 2019

Texture code repository: https://github.com/substance/texture/

OJS plugin code repository: https://github.com/asmecher/texture


Usage Data and Altmetrics

Coalition Publi.ca seeks to address some of the key challenges regarding journal usage metrics in the context of its distributed, open model. Coalition Publi.ca is working on standards-based solutions to gather and share usage data with journals, libraries, funding agencies, and researchers to demonstrate the reach and impact of scholarly research.

Usage Statistics and Reporting
Given the distributed nature of Coalition Publi.ca’s model, demonstrating usage is a complex process where the potential availability of the same content on different platforms must be taken into account. Coalition Publi.ca is developing standards-based (COUNTER R5 and SUSHI) metrics reporting and transfer tools to track usage fully and accurately across all Coalition Publi.ca platforms.

  • OJS statistics and reporting display updates: Completed, spring 2019

  • OJS COUNTER and SUSHI support improvements: Summer 2019 (tentative)

  • Érudit COUNTER R5 and SUSHI support: Summer 2019

  • Érudit COUNTER R5 Certification: Fall 2019

  • Coalition Publi.ca COUNTER R5 integration (one report for OJS and erudit.org): 2020 (tentative)

PKP Statistics project page: https://github.com/pkp/pkp-lib/projects/1

PaperBuzz, an open-source altmetrics tool for journal articles developed by ImpactStory with support from PKP, will be integrated into OJS and erudit.org to provide a better understanding of the circulation of scholarship beyond simple usage metrics. This tool uses DOIs (assigned to all Coalition Publi.ca journal articles) to gather Crossref’s Event Data and provide a snapshot of readership numbers across a variety of services such as Twitter, Facebook, Mendeley, and Reddit in a visually interesting and informative way.

  • PaperBuzz API beta release: Completed, fall 2018

  • OJS display plugin release for testing: Completed, fall 2018

  • OJS display testing, review, development: Completed, spring 2019

  • OJS display plugin release for production use: Completed, spring 2019

  • PaperBuzz integration on erudit.org: 2019-2020

PaperBuzz code repository: https://github.com/Impactstory/paperbuzz-api

OJS Plugin code repository: https://github.com/pkp/paperbuzz


Metadata Quality Assurance

With its distributed model that relies on the transmission of information between platforms, Coalition Publi.ca requires clean and accurate metadata. To support our efforts to improve the quality of journal metadata, we will convene a Metadata Working Group to develop best practices documentation for use by journals and librarians, as well as to make technical recommendations about our quality assurance processes and how we gather metadata in the first place.

  • Establishment of the Metadata Working Group: Completed, March 2019

  • Review of metadata quality, analysis of problem areas: In progress, spring/summer 2019

  • Development of best practices guide: Fall 2019

  • Working Group Q/A and technical recommendations: Winter/spring 2020

  • Implementation of Working Group recommendations: 2020