A strategic partnership created by Érudit and the Public Knowledge Project.



Services for Libraries

Through Coalition Publi.ca, PKP and Érudit are offering libraries a variety of services depending on their needs:

  • For libraries already hosting Open Journal Systems (OJS) for their institution’s journals, Coalition Publi.ca can increase your journals’ dissemination, visibility and impact, and provide you with technical support to facilitate their participation.

  • For libraries considering hosting OJS for their institution’s journals, Coalition Publi.ca can provide you with the information you need to get started.

  • For libraries looking for a collection of Canadian social sciences and humanities research, Coalition Publi.ca encourages you to join the Partnership for Open Access to add over 130 Canadian journals to your collection, supported by professional collection services.


Benefits and Services


A Game-changing National Initiative

By supporting Coalition Publi.ca libraries make a strong statement in support of the international movement redefining the power dynamic in scholarly publishing towards the free and open circulation of knowledge.

With support from our cost-effective professional publishing services and financial contributions from the Partnership for Open Access, all Coalition Publi.ca journals are published in immediate open access or with a 12-month embargo.

By 2022, Coalition Publi.ca intends to establish a sustainable financial model for open access journals in Canada, such that all Coalition Publi.ca journals can publish in immediate open access.


Libraries Already Hosting OJS

If you are a Canadian research library that already hosts OJS for your institution’s scholarly journals, you can help your journals build on the solid foundation they have established with you by encouraging them to join Coalition Publi.ca, where they will reach a wider, international audience.

All Coalition Publi.ca journals benefit from:

  • A central aggregation platform (erudit.org) with high international visibility (2 million users, 70% international);

  • A robust indexing strategy for improved discovery (agreements with ExLibris, OCLC, Scopus, Clarivate Analytics, Google Scholar, Wikipedia);

  • High-quality metadata and digital document production;

  • Quality long-term preservation with Portico, Scholars Portal, and PKP|PN (LOCKSS);

  • Best practices for citability and persistent linking (DOI and ORCID);

  • Detailed statistics and reporting;

  • Centralized marketing and promotion to new markets;

  • Financial support through the Partnership for Open Access.

For more details, please see our Services for Journals page.

What You Can Do
Encourage your journals to consider joining Coalition Publi.ca. Contact us at info@coalition-publi.ca to request a presentation and/or documentation to introduce your journals to our suite of services.

What We Will Do
Should one or more of your journals decide to join Coalition Publi.ca, we can provide you with technical documentation and support to install the plugins necessary to transfer journal metadata and content from your OJS installation to erudit.org.


Libraries Considering Hosting OJS

If you are a Canadian research library considering hosting OJS for your institution’s journals, Coalition Publi.ca can help you get started on the right foot. PKP is the developer of OJS and has partnered with libraries across Canada and around the world for over 20 years.

With OJS, your journals get all the benefits of a well documented, well supported open-source journal publishing software that is recognized as the industry standard:

  • Complete submission, peer review, and editorial workflow management;

  • Journal website creation tools, including announcements, custom pages, masthead, journal policies, etc.;

  • Ease of integration with Érudit’s dissemination platform, erudit.org.

OJS is designed to be a powerful institutional tool that can support multiple journals, multiple languages (including French), and multiple disciplines (SSH, STEM, medicine, etc.). OJS can be installed locally and locally controlled, or provided as a hosted service.

Many Canadian research libraries already host OJS and/or sponsor the ongoing development of OJS in partnership with PKP. For a full list of participating Canadian libraries, click here.

What You Can Do
To find out more about what is involved in hosting OJS for your journals, contact us at info@coalition-publi.ca.

What We Will Do
We will arrange a meeting to review OJS’s features and discuss your hosting needs. We will do a preliminary assessment of your technical infrastructure and support capacity to determine the best hosting solution for you. We will work in partnership with you to answer your questions and help you to get OJS up and running for your journals.


Libraries Seeking Canadian SSH Research

Library consortia around the world are invited to join the Partnership for Open Access. Through this partnership, libraries receive access to Érudit’s rich collection of Canadian SSH research and support a sustainable financial model for open access journals.

All Partner Libraries benefit from:

  • A growing collection of over 130 Canadian SSH journals;

  • A modern, user-friendly platform with a wide range of advanced tools;

  • 24/7 multi-user access, and remote access via a proxy server;

  • COUNTER JR1 R4 and JR1 GOA R4 compliant usage reports (CSV, TXT and XML) - R5 compliant usage reports coming soon;

  • Collection management tools including Marc records (Marc21 and Unimarc), OCLC and KBART compliant holding reports (CSV and TXT), and link-resolving/query tools (Z39.50 and OpenURL);

  • Branding the platform with your institutional logo;

  • Customer support, a client dashboard, user guides, and tutorials.

What You Can Do
To find out more about our partnership model or to become a partner, visit the website of the Partnership for Open Access and contact us at info@coalition-publi.ca.