A strategic partnership created by Érudit and the Public Knowledge Project.




Coalition Publi.ca’s development priorities:

  1. Publishing services and support for Canadian SSH journals

  2. Shared technological development for publishing software and platforms

  3. Research activities investigating the scholarly publishing ecosystem




In-depth Study of Canadian SSH Journals


This study, funded by FRQSC and SSHRC, seeks to deepen the understanding of the financial realities of Canadian scholarly journals in the social sciences and humanities and to monitor the impact of open access policies. Building on a 2016 study, it will further explore the heterogeneity of Canadian SSH journals to develop a more nuanced understanding of the costs and revenues involved in scholarly publishing and the financial implications of open access.


Scholarly Communication Research


Coalition Publi.ca’s work is informed by the scholarly communication research undertaken by Érudit’s and PKP’s research directors:

Scholcommlab--co-directed by Juan Pablo Alperin, PKP’s Associate Director of Research--explores a wide range of questions using a combination of computational techniques, innovative methods, and traditional qualitative methods to investigate how knowledge is produced, disseminated, and used.

The Canada Research Chair on the Transformations of Scholarly Communication--held by Vincent Larivière, Érudit’s Scientific Director--aims to increase understanding of how knowledge is disseminated, how new types of knowledge production are used, how new sources of data are shared, and how academics’ working practices have changed.

PKP Director John Willinsky is the Khosla Family Professor of Education at Stanford University,  and Professor (Part-Time) of Publishing Studies at Simon Fraser University, as well as Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the SFU Library. His research focuses on student, professional, and public access to educational resources.