A strategic partnership created by Érudit and the Public Knowledge Project.




Coalition Publi.ca is a Canadian manifestation of the international movement redefining the power dynamic in scholarly publishing in support of the free and open circulation of knowledge. It aims to support the Canadian social sciences and humanities scholarly journal community in the transition towards sustainable open access.

It is the product of an ongoing, consultative dialogue about the development of a national infrastructure dedicated to digital scholarly publishing, dissemination, and research.

Coalition Publi.ca organizes its activities into three development priorities:

  1. Publishing services and support for Canadian SSH journals

  2. Shared technological development for publishing software and platforms

  3. Research activities investigating the scholarly publishing ecosystem

Echoing the Jussieu Call, Coalition Publi.ca unites stakeholders in practical projects in support of open access principles and provides reasonable alternatives to commercial services to ensure that research dissemination and research infrastructure remain in the hands of the academy.




Érudit and the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) were both founded in 1998 as university-based initiatives with the same ambition to create digital tools and offer services to scholarly journals.



Érudit pursued this objective by developing expertise in XML tagging and, in 2002, pioneered an XML schema for scholarly journal articles, which laid the foundation for its digital dissemination platform erudit.org. Meanwhile, PKP developed its open source journal management and publishing software, Open Journal Systems (OJS).



In 2008, Érudit and PKP formally partnered for the first time on the CFI-funded Synergies Project, which allowed both groups to develop their respective expertise and services in scholarly communication in the context of a pan-Canadian partnership. This first partnership paved the way for ongoing collaboration between PKP and Érudit.



In 2014, Érudit became the first social sciences and humanities research infrastructure project to be designated a Major Science Initiative (MSI) by the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI).



In 2017, Érudit invited PKP to submit a joint application to renew its CFI funding. To formalize this partnership, PKP and Érudit created Coalition Publi.ca, a collaborative initiative to bring together and serve Canadian scholarly journal publishers, university research libraries, and researchers in the social sciences and humanities.



Through Coalition Publi.ca, Érudit and PKP are joining forces to continue the development of their non-commercial, open source national infrastructure dedicated to digital scholarly publishing, dissemination, and research, based on their well-recognized platforms. This collaboration also facilitates various research activities to better understand the Canadian scholarly publishing ecosystem, with its unique linguistic, regional, and disciplinary diversity.