A strategic partnership created by Érudit and the Public Knowledge Project.



Harmonized Services for a National Infrastructure

Through Coalition Publi.ca, PKP and Érudit are offering Canadian journals a suite of harmonized services combining the best of OJS and www.erudit.org, providing journals with a low-cost, made-in-Canada solution that supports the journal publication process from submission through review and production, to dissemination and preservation.

Coalition Publi.ca

Coalition Publi.ca (www.coalition-publi.ca) is a partnership created by Érudit and the Public Knowledge Project dedicated to the advancement of research dissemination and digital publishing in the social sciences and humanities in Canada, specifically designed to support the SSH community in the transition towards sustainable open access.

Coalition Publi.ca will pursue this goal through the development of a national infrastructure dedicated to digital scholarly publishing, dissemination, and research—combining PKP’s Open Journal Systems (OJS) software and Érudit’s digital dissemination platform (www.erudit.org).


The Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is a multi-university initiative that develops an open source software suite for editorial management used around the world and conducts research to improve the quality and reach of scholarly publishing.

PKP’s Open Journal Systems (OJS) is an open source journal management and publishing system that assists with every stage of the refereed publishing process, from submissions through to online publication and indexing. Over 10,000 journals world wide use OJS.

Érudit and erudit.org

Érudit is an inter-university consortium that provides research and cultural communities with a wide range of services in digital publishing and dissemination.

The Érudit platform--www.erudit.org--is the leading digital dissemination platform of SSH research in Canada. It hosts over 200 journals and its collections are consulted by the research community and the general public, including the users of over 1100 institutions worldwide.