A strategic partnership created by Érudit and the Public Knowledge Project.



Partner with an Experienced Team

Founded in 1998, both Érudit and PKP have over 20 years of experience helping journals publish and disseminate SSH research. As non-commercial university-led initiatives, Érudit and PKP provide personalized customer service that responds to the unique needs of Canada’s SSH research communities.

Financial Support and Funding Opportunities

By providing low-cost, professional digital publishing services, Coalition Publi.ca helps make Open Access achievable for Canadian SSH journals. Our digital publishing tools help streamline processes to maximize financial and human resources.

Coalition Publi.ca is also developing sustainable financial models for Open Access SSH journals in collaboration with libraries and funding agencies.

The Partnership for Open Access—established by Érudit and the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) and now expanding internationally—provides financial support to Canadian publishers in transition toward complete open access. Through this partnership, Coalition Publi.ca journals receive financial support for their activities.Through its Aid to Scholarly Journals program, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) now provides supplementary funding for journals hosted on Canadian, not-for-profit digital content and distribution platforms (value of $5 000 per annum). Coalition Publi.ca journals, due to their inclusion on Érudit, are eligible for this supplementary funding.

Customized, Professional Publishing Options

Coalition Publi.ca works with journals to determine their unique needs and customize service options that meet industry standards for scholarly publications:

  • Complete submission, peer review, and editorial workflow management with OJS

  • Journal website creation tools within OJS (announcements, custom pages, masthead, publication of journal policies, etc.)

  • High-quality metadata and digital document production

  • Detailed usage statistics and reports

  • Best practices for citability and persistent linking (DOI and ORCID)

  • Mobile-friendly interfaces based on latest usability practices

  • Long term preservation with Portico and LOCKSS

  • Training and professional development opportunities for journal staff

Wider Dissemination, Greater Visibility, and Higher Impact

Coalition Publi.ca journals will benefit from being part of a central aggregation platform (www.erudit.org) with high international visibility and a robust indexing strategy that improves discoverability:

  • 23 million pages visited annually

  • 2 million users (70% international)

  • Maximum visibility and discoverability in Google Scholar and Wikipedia

  • Agreements with discovery tools (e.g. ExLibris, OCLC, full list here) and major indexers (e.g. Scopus, Thomson Reuters, full list here)

Strength in Numbers

Coalition Publi.ca journals benefit from being part of an important research dissemination consortium with the capacity to reach new markets around the world. Negotiations with library consortia in Canada and abroad will extend the Partnership for Open Access, with a goal to increase both readership and financial support for Coalition Publi.ca journals.

A Game-changing National Initiative

By joining Coalition Publi.ca journals make a strong statement in support of the international movement redefining the power dynamic in scholarly publishing towards the free and open circulation of knowledge.

By offering professional publishing services at low costs and providing financial support through the Partnership for Open Access, all Coalition Publi.ca journals are published with immediate Open Access or with a 12-month embargo.

By 2022, Coalition Publi.ca hopes to have established a sustainable financial model for Open Access journals in Canada, such that all Coalition Publi.ca journals can publish in immediate Open Access.

Coalition Publi.ca fundamentally challenges the broken global scholarly communication ecosystem by delivering reasonable alternatives to commercial offerings and uniting stakeholders in a practical project in support of OA principles.